Everything That You Need To Know About The Shun Classic Range Of Steak Knives

Households and professional chefs put in a lot of effort and time into their steaks. They look for top quality cuts, season, and marinade and then ultimately grill. However, there is something that they forget, and that is cutting steak properly by making use of a good steak knife. Shun Classic steak knife comes as a savior in this situation. This is because the edge of this 4.75 inches steak knife is double-beveled and features a surprisingly sharp 16-degree angle. Thus, it can be concluded that serrations are nothing to be worried of with a blade that clean and sharp. This steak knife cuts steak exactly where it belongs locking in the flavors and the juices so that people can have the best meals of their lives. This knife, handcrafted in Japan, is also available in a set of four and comes with a lifetime warranty as well.

Features of the Shun Classic

With the Shun Classic at work, you can easily preserve the flavor and the delicacy of your freshly grilled steak. This is an elegant and efficient knife set that is incredibly sharp and has clean edges leaving no rooms for serrations. You can always enhance the dining experience of your entire family by having this knife set that glides through steak smoothly leaving moisture at its exact location. The contemporary and tasteful design of the Shun Classic steak knife set features a stunning Damascus clad blade along with a D-shaped PakkaWood handle making the knife even more preferable for its beauty and its look. The classic steak knife of Shun also features a VG-Max super steel that is layered on both sides with a total of 34 layers of high-quality Damascus stainless steel. The wood grain pattern of this steel variety allows the blade to glide through food easily.

The Shun Classic has been approved by National Sanitation Foundation

One of the best things about the Shun classic steak knife is that it has been approved by the National Sanitation Foundation making it one of the most preferred and the most celebrated steak knives in the market. It is also worth noting that the Classic series from Shun is the highest quality and the sharpest steak knives available till date. This NSF certified steak knife goes a long way in meeting the high-level standards of safety set for professional and household kitchens. The Classic series of knives from Shun offer the widest collection of conventional European and Japanese contemporary designs and blade shapes. At the very first glance, the Shun Classic might appear a normal steak knife to you but there are major benefits that lie within, and you need to use the knife to reap these benefits.