Your Guide To The Best Steak Knives

If you have ever tried cutting steak with an old and dull knife, you might know the frustration of going through the whole procedure. There are many individuals who do not know anything about steak knives and thus end up buying serrated steak knives that they get at the local stores. This is because such individuals are of the view that knives with serrated edges can stay sharp for a very long time and they will also cut the steak most effectively. However, this is a misconception among people. Smooth-edged knives tend to be more efficient in cutting steak easily and cleanly.

Steak Knife

Spending money on buying a top quality steak knife will prevent you from having to replace the knives when they get dull, break or rust.


The steak knives coming from Laguiole En Aubrac top the list of best steak knives because of their exclusive feel and style.

Sun steak knives

The Sun steak knives come from Japan; the Land of the Rising Sun. Layered steel is the artistry that Shun has effectively applied to its steak knives.

Different knife

Different knife brands deal with the best steak knives that have the ability to last for a very long time. Some of these brands can be highly expensive, but they are always worth the investment. Here, we will be having a look at the most popular and the best varieties of steak knives available in the market.

Laguiole En Aubrac Steak Knives

The steak knives coming from Laguiole En Aubrac top the list of best steak knives because of their exclusive feel and style. These knives from France are one of the best in the market because of their hardened blades and also because of their beautiful look. These knives have a fit and balance like no other steak knife. Available in simplistic beauty, these knives are made of stainless steel. One of the best things about Laguiole En Aubrac steak knives is that they are not very expensive. However, you need to be aware of the existence of Chinese models available within the same range. Always keep in mind that knives from Laguiole En Aubrac will have their brand name etched on them.


The Sun steak knives come from Japan; the Land of the Rising Sun. Layered steel is the artistry that Shun has effectively applied to its steak knives. The steak knives coming from Shun are made of VG-Max super steel and further layered with Damascus stainless steel. The layer technology helps in creating blades that not only appear exquisite but hold very well even in times of severe abuse. Shun steak knives have great balance and feel, and they easily glide through almost anything that they encounter. There are different blade shapes available with these knives making it easier for the buyers to choose the style that best suits their requirements. Shun steak knives are not available within an affordable range, but they can last for a very long time.

Chicago Cutlery Walnut Traditional Steak Knives

If budget is a major concern for you, then you can always go for the Chicago Cutlery Walnut Traditional Steak Knives. These knives are not very beautiful, but they are made very well featuring smooth edges and boning-knife like edges. These knives perform very well and are far better in comparison to the dull serrated knives.

Though the above mentioned best steak knives are a little expensive, the investment is always worth it considering how long these knives can last.

A Genuine Review Of Shun Steak Knives

Your best steaks always deserve the best knives and therefore going for Shun steak knives would not be a wrong decision for you. Many wonder what do knives have to do with cutting steak. You can directly take it and have a bite. However, the truth is that the best steak knife can go a long way in making the steak taste better. Here, the key is keeping the flavorful juices within the steak. Razor-sharp knives like the ones available from Shun glide through the steak cutting very few capillaries and thus keeping the steak more flavorful inside. Shun steak knives are available in different varieties. There are those long steak knives that are perfect for cutting the largest steaks, and then there are the shorter versions offering amazing cutting control. These knives come in elegant package boxes, and therefore they are perfect for gifting or for storage.

Sharp and Edgy Knives for Cutting Steak while Keeping the Flavors Intact

You might have grilled the tastiest steak but do not know how to cut up this masterpiece once it is on the table. The right solution for your problem is a Shun steak knife set. Shun steak knives are incredibly sharp, and their clean edges leave no room for serrations. These knives easily and comfortably glide through the meat, keeping flavor intact for the food lovers to have an enthralling dining experience. While steak is something that is not consumed on a regular basis, possessing a special steak knife that cuts through delicious steaks is one of the greatest pleasures of life. You must always have this in mind that cutting against the tough surface of glass or ceramic dinner plates might be very difficult on the edges of these knives and therefore you will have to out in some extra effort and care.

Exclusive Features of Shun Steak Knives

One of the most exclusive features of Shun steak knives is that they are made of exotic Damascus stainless steel. Damascus stainless steel is not only rust-resistant but also offers a beautiful look to the knives. Another great feature of steak knives from Shun are their D-shaped ebony PakkaWood handles that look stunning and offer easy and strong grip. The Damascus-look blade profile of these knives helps in reducing sticking resulting in less damage caused to food that is being cut. It also offers the benefit of faster food preparation time. The razor-sharp blades of these knives offer top performance. The proprietary top performance VG-Max steel from Shun offers incredible edge retention. Such high-quality technology used in manufacturing steak knives offers results in the form of durable, corrosion resistant, beautiful and sharp knives. The Shun line of steak knives also provides the widest collection of cutting-edge designs and conventional blade shapes helping buyers find the best knives for their task.

Thus, it can rightly be said that Shun steak knives are undoubtedly one of the best steak knives available in the market and that too within an affordable range.

Everything That You Need To Know About The Shun Classic Range Of Steak Knives

Households and professional chefs put in a lot of effort and time into their steaks. They look for top quality cuts, season, and marinade and then ultimately grill. However, there is something that they forget, and that is cutting steak properly by making use of a good steak knife. Shun Classic steak knife comes as a savior in this situation. This is because the edge of this 4.75 inches steak knife is double-beveled and features a surprisingly sharp 16-degree angle. Thus, it can be concluded that serrations are nothing to be worried of with a blade that clean and sharp. This steak knife cuts steak exactly where it belongs locking in the flavors and the juices so that people can have the best meals of their lives. This knife, handcrafted in Japan, is also available in a set of four and comes with a lifetime warranty as well.

Features of the Shun Classic

With the Shun Classic at work, you can easily preserve the flavor and the delicacy of your freshly grilled steak. This is an elegant and efficient knife set that is incredibly sharp and has clean edges leaving no rooms for serrations. You can always enhance the dining experience of your entire family by having this knife set that glides through steak smoothly leaving moisture at its exact location. The contemporary and tasteful design of the Shun Classic steak knife set features a stunning Damascus clad blade along with a D-shaped PakkaWood handle making the knife even more preferable for its beauty and its look. The classic steak knife of Shun also features a VG-Max super steel that is layered on both sides with a total of 34 layers of high-quality Damascus stainless steel. The wood grain pattern of this steel variety allows the blade to glide through food easily.

The Shun Classic has been approved by National Sanitation Foundation

One of the best things about the Shun classic steak knife is that it has been approved by the National Sanitation Foundation making it one of the most preferred and the most celebrated steak knives in the market. It is also worth noting that the Classic series from Shun is the highest quality and the sharpest steak knives available till date. This NSF certified steak knife goes a long way in meeting the high-level standards of safety set for professional and household kitchens. The Classic series of knives from Shun offer the widest collection of conventional European and Japanese contemporary designs and blade shapes. At the very first glance, the Shun Classic might appear a normal steak knife to you but there are major benefits that lie within, and you need to use the knife to reap these benefits.